[NTLK] a fax feature disappeared; also a MoreInfo question

From: James Charney <james.charney_at_yale.edu>
Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 10:12:20 EST

Hi-- I recently moved my data to my spare Newton 2100 after the
dongle socket became loose in my regular Newton. That's another
issue (repairing it). But the spare works fine and all my data
transferred easily.
        There is an eccentricity, though since I'm using my spare 2100.
when I try to fax a page from my Datebook (which is something I do
         With my old Newton, if I tap the fax button after the "envelope"
window appears, I get the choice to either send the fax "now" or
"later"--and "later" saves my schedule in the Out Box. But in this
spare Newton, when I tap the fax button, I get no choices, and it
immediately begins to send the fax. I've lost the ability to save
the fax for later. where did the "now or later" choice go? I have
the latest OS system on there--any ideas?
        Also, another eccentricity with my spare Newton. Using MoreInfo
(which remains invaluable!), in the Datebook view, when I tap on the
New-Meeting button, instead of getting the MI window with it's
automatic features, I get the standard Datebook Meeting window.
However, I do get the MoreInfo Meeting window if I am in At A Glance--
or even in Datebook, if I first draw a blank meeting, and then choose
Edit Meeting. A restart hasn't fix either of these problems
        I'ld appreciate your help. thanks,
        Jim Charney

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