Re: [NTLK] Newton Books in Mozilla

From: Eric W. Brown <>
Date: Mon Apr 03 2006 - 14:11:01 EDT

> Any chance Mozilla extensions work in Camino?
It'll probably never work in Camino. At least not in the foreseeable

The big reason is that Camino doesn't support XUL, and the Newton
Book Reader in its current manifestation is a XUL application. The
actual rendering engine used by Camino isn't all that important.
Even though Camino uses the Gecko rendering engine the same as
Firefox, Mozilla, Seamonkey, Flock, and Netscape, the lack of XUL is
what matters. In fact, it's my understanding that Dave Hyatt has
been working on and off with adding XUL support to Safari. When
Safari supports a large enough subset of XUL it'll actually be easier
to port the reader to Safari than it'll be to port it to Camino, even
though Safari uses the KHTML rendering engine rather than the Gecko
rendering engine. In fact, I'm running into a small rendering issue
with Gecko right now that KHTML probably doesn't have, so KHTML could
quite honestly improve a few things.

The reader currently works fine on Seamonkey and Flock in addition to
Firefox, but most of its testing is through Firefox at this point.
Right now I'd rather focus on adding new features than new browser
options; once we get into a solid beta stage though I'll revisit
adding new browser options.

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