[NTLK] unable to use newt_devel.dsk with basilisk

From: Michael C. Wittmann <mwittmann_at_maine.edu>
Date: Sun Apr 09 2006 - 21:06:31 EDT

Hi, all,

I am soon moving to an MacBookPro with the Intel chip and no support
for Classic. In preparation, I am playing around with Basilisk II,
which is absolutely incredible to see on my machine. That tiny black
and white screen, how funny.

I have been using the "starterdisk.dsk" which I found online at
<http://www.iknowthe.net/classicmac/basilisk.html>. Everything boots
fine, etc.

I would like to use the newtdevel-HFSimage download from UNNA. But,
when I "Add" it to the appropriate place in Basilisk, it gets an icon
of a pencil with a strike through, and it won't boot.

I searched the archive, and perhaps didn't find an existing message.
Also, the Wiki wasn't helpful. Anybody have ideas? Settings to use?
Thanks, in advance, for your help,

Michael Wittmann

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