[NTLK] Nitro IrDA PPP Connection

From: June Tate <june_at_theonelab.com>
Date: Wed Apr 12 2006 - 14:06:38 EDT

Hey Guys,
I've been playing around with IrDA connections to my Linux box, and
I've been running into an interesting problem, and I was hoping that
maybe some of you can shed some light on the subject.

I've managed to transfer files to the MP2100 using obexftp (in fact,
I used this method to install the NIE Serial and Modem hack on 40hz),
yet when I attempt to setup a PPP connection, the MP2100 attempts to
load the PPP driver, and then just closes the connection slip. While
running irdadump on the Linux box during this phase, I don't see any
packets coming from the MP2100.

I've also done a quick Nitro test using IrCOMM and echoing "BLAH" to /
dev/ircomm0, connecting on the Newt, and seeing the "BLAH" in the
response window of NitroTest.

So here's the details of the setup:

   Ubuntu Linux Newton MessagePad 2100
   SigmaTel IrDA Dongle Nitro / Neo stack installed
   irattach running <-> NIE Modem & Serial Module
patched to xfer through IrDA
   OBEX transfers work properly Using Courier as the network
   Nitro test transfers work

My network setup for NIE is as follows:

   Generic Serial Setup
   Protocol: PPP
   Configuration: Server
   User ID: <None>
   When closing, disconnect: never
   Primary DNS/Name Server Addresses:
   Domain Name: <None>

I've also tried setting IrDA as the connection method, and I get the
same results. Any ideas? =o)

June Tate
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