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From: Michael C. Wittmann <mwittmann_at_maine.edu>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 16:27:17 EDT


Thank you for the replies, Thomas and Eckhart,

(Ich wuerde auf Deutsch schreiben, aber da koennen so wenige mit

> I wonder where you got the idea from to enable "Bluetooth File
> Transfer"? The page at
> http://tools.unna.org/wikiwikinewt/index.php/MacOSXBluetooth clearly
> states to use "Bluetooth File Exchange"?

Yeah, I noticed that, too. Duh. I figured it out, though.

When I unchecked the file transfer and also unchecked the "require
pairing for security" (since I'm the only bluetooth device in a large
region...), things worked.

How incredible. I just route the thing to the desktop and it arrives!

Very cool, and very happy to have this. My constant problem of
quickly and easily getting notes to the desktop has now been solved.

This gets into a larger topic. From a GTD (Getting Things Done)
perspective, I suppose you could say that I use the Newton as a
collection device. It's far more than that, obviously, but it often
serves as the first stage of gathering information while on the run.
That information is often needed in other settings, either in an
email, in another document, whatever. It's been a hassle to
consistently have information on the Newton... and then have to get
it off using NewtSync (which refuses to "listen on all addresses"
after a day or so of my desktop running) or NCU (which is too much
tool for the task) or via email (only possible when using my ethernet
card, really).

Bluetooth solves this problem. It (finally) just works. I plug in, I
send, it's on my desktop, I'm done. I can use that file in a paper,
dump it into a spreadsheet and work with it, whatever. It just works.

Thank you, Eckhart and Adriano and all the others who have made this
possible. Now, it's time to play with iCal information! Can I get it
back and forth? IC/VC, here we come...


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