Re: [NTLK] State of the NewtSync

From: Steven Frank <>
Date: Tue Apr 18 2006 - 20:58:57 EDT

On Apr 18, 2006, at 3:51 PM, Thomas Tempelmann wrote:

>> - Calendars are stored in a different location on Tiger than they are
>> on Panther.
> Can you explain why that matters? I hope the NewtSync plugin is not
> directly accessing the iCal calendar file? I'd expect it would talk to
> iCal via AppleEvents and then it should not matter where iCal stores
> its data...

The only thing the current version uses the data files for is to
determine the names of calendars. All actual event data is obtained
through AppleScripts.

One thing's for sure, date sync would be a heck of a lot FASTER if it
was directly parsing the iCal files. :)


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