Re: [NTLK] using Serial-over-Bluetooth. Is it possible?

From: Thomas Tempelmann <>
Date: Tue Apr 18 2006 - 19:07:13 EDT

On 4/16/06, Eckhart Köppen <> wrote:
> On 15. Apr 2006, at 14:58, Thomas Tempelmann wrote:
> > I tried to explain that it's not the Dock that's the problem but that
> > Blunt does not seem to offer a raw tunnelling option but only a
> > "modem" option.
> Actually, Blunt also doesn't offer a modem option, no idea how it
> comes that it pops up for you. Neither the "Modem Port" setting per
> Bluetooth device nor the "Device Location" setting have anything to
> do with providing something that represents a modem in the dock.

OK, I confused things. Let's restart:

In the Bluetooth Setup, when having paired with my Mac, I get two
popups to choose values from:
* Modem Port -- Serial Port (3)
* OBEX Port -- OBEX Push (10)

I someone thought I had "Serial Port -- Modem"

So, I realize now that Blunt does not offer a Serial Port simulation,
but only a Modem port emulation.

BTW, what does not Modem port do, effectively? Would I be able to pair
with a cell phone and then this Modem Port would talk to the cell
phone and use it as a modem to dial out, e.g. via GPRS or something
like that?

>> Why can't Blunt simlpy provide a new connection that looks
>> like a plain serial access port, similar to the existing serial port?

>It can, but only with the help of a dock module, similar to Dock TCP/

Well, I wrote the first TCP/IP dock module, long ago (was included
with my Newton Data Browser / DIL Tester). I might be able to make one
for Blunt as well. I might see if I can make sense from your notes.
It's been a long time since I did write anything on the Newton.


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