Re: [NTLK] using Serial-over-Bluetooth. Is it possible?

From: Eckhart Köppen <>
Date: Sun Apr 16 2006 - 10:18:24 EDT

On 15. Apr 2006, at 14:58, Thomas Tempelmann wrote:

> I wonder if you have understood my explanations in my original
> question.

Yes, I did ;)

> I tried to explain that it's not the Dock that's the problem but that
> Blunt does not seem to offer a raw tunnelling option but only a
> "modem" option.

Actually, Blunt also doesn't offer a modem option, no idea how it
comes that it pops up for you. Neither the "Modem Port" setting per
Bluetooth device nor the "Device Location" setting have anything to
do with providing something that represents a modem in the dock.

Unless you have already some sort of modified Dock setup, there is no
way that the Dock knows about Blunt. What is the option you chose in
the Dock to get the modem popup?

> And a modem option leads to invocation of the modem
> setup slip. Why can't Blunt simlpy provide a new connection that looks
> like a plain serial access port, similar to the existing serial port?

In can, but only with the help of a dock module, similar to Dock TCP/
IP. Blunt is offering nothing else than a serial port (RFCOMM to be
precise, or the SPP profile if you will, with all the stuff that goes
around Bluetooth, i.e. device discovery, service discovery, ...) -
any application on the Newton which knows how to talk over serial can
also use Bluetooth serial, but that doesn't happen magically, you
need to tell the application the connection parameters (most
importantly, instead of creating a 'aser' service, a 'rfcm' service
needs to be created).

So unless someone writes a Bluetooth Dock module (which is probably
very simple, I guess a couple of lines of NewtonScript), using BT for
the Dock won't work.


PS: This is a completely separate matter from the PICO plug Adriano
uses. That one should allow the Dock to use BT, but only because it
is a transparent Serial-to-BT bridge.

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