Re: [NTLK] finding nicks softcharge problems

From: Dan <>
Date: Sun Apr 16 2006 - 09:08:13 EDT

Ok now try trashpak with Softcharged thawed and see if you find
"Softcharge:LogicTools" preferences and remove that. Then reset and see
if that fixes it. If that don't work. Do the same thing again but
instead go into your prefernces and set it to NiMH and see if it sticks


ryan schroder wrote:
> well I froze it then did a soft reset and then thawed it and it still went back to nicd, but when i go to prefs and battery it is still on nimh, should i try a harder reset or give up cause this is drivin me nuts!
> thanks you
> Ryan
> Dan <> wrote:
> Well I didn't have trashpak installed so I used something else (but that
> should not matter). What you are looking for is Softcharge:LogicTools.
> Hmm on further inspection I see that SoftCharge must be self removing of
> the preferences when you freeze it as I just did so and when I checked
> again it was gone. So apparently you just need to freeze it. Strange I
> remember needing to delete the preferences.....perhaps it glitched that
> time and didn't delete them for me before.
> Regardless if you thaw Softcharge after a restart, it should work.
> -Dan
> ryan schroder wrote:
>> alright I have the programs to do this freezman-1.01 and trashpak, but i can't seem to find the preferences i need to delete in trashpak, i can't find softcharge on the list. Can you help me with this so I don't delete something on accident since I don't really know how to use this!.

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