Re: [NTLK] using Serial-over-Bluetooth. Is it possible?

From: Eckhart Köppen <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 16:15:41 EDT

Thomas Tempelmann wrote:
> In the Bluetooth Setup, when having paired with my Mac, I get two
> popups to choose values from:
> * Modem Port -- Serial Port (3)
> * OBEX Port -- OBEX Push (10)
> I someone thought I had "Serial Port -- Modem"
> So, I realize now that Blunt does not offer a Serial Port simulation,
> but only a Modem port emulation.

No, it's the other way around, it only offers a serial port emulation,
but not a modem emulation. The device specific settings in Bluetooth
Setup don't have any special meaning, they are simply there so that e.g.
the NIE Bluetooth module knows to which port to connect. But any other
software is free to use whatever port the other device offers, Blunt as
the Bluetooth stack does not do anything special depending on these
settings. OBEX, Modem stuff, or connecting via the Dock is all in the
application layer on top of Blunt.

> BTW, what does not Modem port do, effectively? Would I be able to pair
> with a cell phone and then this Modem Port would talk to the cell
> phone and use it as a modem to dial out, e.g. via GPRS or something
> like that?

Yes. But as I said above, that functionality is not part of Blunt, but
it's implemented in the NIE Bluetooth module.

> Well, I wrote the first TCP/IP dock module, long ago (was included
> with my Newton Data Browser / DIL Tester). I might be able to make one
> for Blunt as well. I might see if I can make sense from your notes.

That would be great. To instantiate a serial endpoint over Bluetooth,
you just need to use 'rfcm' instead of 'aser' as the service, and add
the address and port of the peer device to the instantiation opions:

        label: "addr",
        type: 'option,
        opCode: opSetRequired,
        result: nil,
        form: 'template,
        data: {
                argList: ["00:11:22:33:44:55", 3],
                typeList: ['struct, ['array, 'byte, 6], 'byte,]

The peer address and port can e.g. be gotten from the "Bluetooth
Devices" soup maintained by Bluetooth Setup.


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