Re: [NTLK] Newton book part specification

From: Victor Rehorst <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 10:15:24 EDT

James Nichols wrote:
> What I lack is a
> specification for what the Book part looks like on disk. In doing a
> search through the list archives I saw it mentioned that a newton
> book specification was never really made available, and that one's
> best bet would be to use Frame View to reverse engineer such from
> example books and bookmaker output.
> Is this still the case? Does anyone know if such a beast has been
> found or put together since the subject was last brought up? Should I
> get to work on said reverse engineering?

On disk, the book part would just be a Newton Streamed Object Format (NSOF)
blob. The DCL has tools to read NSOF to XML structures. If you dumped a
book package to XML using those tools, and then looked at the book in
ViewFrame, you'll see they same structure. When you load a package onto the
Newton, it decodes the NSOF into soup structures.

NSOF is documented in Chapter 4 of the Newton Formats doc.

You might also be interested in how NewtonScript bytecode is structured, a
document is located here:

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