Re: [NTLK] Indiana Jones (Raiders of the lost Newton defect)

From: Dan <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 10:53:08 EDT

Congrats! Excellent work and also a interesting tale. I can't remember
ever reading about a bug fix equated to "Raiders" however it certainly
fix. Again well done.


Frank Gruendel wrote:
> Warning: This post is a little long. And occasionally a
> bit technical. Then again, maybe the info is interesting for
> you. I do think that even if it isn't, it might be nice to
> read.
> Biiiiiiingooooooo...
> This is the end of night #7 and the beginning of another celebration
> session.
> Final scene. Frank, humming under his breath, has just finished fixing
> mainboard #6. Every
> single one of these six fellows has been fixed by replacing U34.
> Heard it? U34!! MAX1771!!!
> Boy, one of these days I will start accepting donations...
> Frank
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