Re: [NTLK] Newtons and Palms together

From: Joe Anthenat <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 17:30:11 EDT

My sad Newton vs. Palm tale...

I was a Newton MP2100 user for a number of years. In fact, I started
with a MP130, then later moved to an upgraded 2000 after a camping trip
had its way with my 130's screen (which was later fixed by Frank...).
I really loved that UMP2000 and used it for all sorts of fun things.
Being a fulltime PC/Mac Tech, it was always fun to show off the cool
stuff I could do with my little green friend, not to mention the groans
it evoked when I pulled it out at meetings and wrote my notes all over
the screen.

Then, just for fun, I started looking into the Palm thing... I know, I
know... whatever for? right?

Well, I got tired of toting around my lunk of a Newton in it's nice
leather zip case. That's not to say that I didn't like the Newton in
it's zip case. I liked it just fine, but I found myself using it more
and more for just the calendar, address book, small notes and such...
mostly quick things. So that became my normal interaction with the
thing, mainly because it was not convenient enough to be, well...
convenient. It began to weigh on me that I was not using this
incredibly cool device to it's full potential, nor did I forsee that
pattern changing.

So then it happened... I found an unused Palm M515 at work and was
able to borrow it for a while. I started just figuring it out, much the
same way I explored the usefulness of the Newt when I first got it. I
decided to go all Palm for a little while, to see if it could fit into
the Newton shaped space in my everyday life. All the while, of course,
experiencing varying degrees of "green guilt" by letting my Newton just
sit there, alone, powered off. After a while, I was finding that the
things I used my Newton for could be easily accomplished on even this
older Palm. Not only that, but I could stick it in my pocket, which in
and of itself opened up a whole new realm of usefulness for me. As long
as I had a pocket for it, I could take it pretty much everywhere. I was
getting hooked, mostly on the convenience of the form factor. Of course
there were the down sides, like itty bitty workspace, no HWR and
absolutely no sufficient replacement for the Newton's Notes app (I'm
beginning to think the Newton's Notes app is one of, if not THE, most
useful app ever written, for any platform... period). And, of course,
the OS doesn't have the natural ease of the Newton OS (but what does?).

Then the other shoe dropped on my Newton... I was able to make a trade
for a new Tungsten T5. Oh, boy... look at all that extra screen space,
and it rotates!

I honestly tried to use the Newton a few more times after my Palm
experiment, but I just couldn't do it. So I finally sold it, here on
the list of course. ;o) It was indeed a sad day when I finally said
goodbye to my little green friend. I'm sure it's getting a lot more use
now, though.

And now, I've discovered how to encode my DVD's into 200MB files to
play, in full color/sound in widescreen, on my T5 from the SD card.

Not sure what you can take from my story... For me, it was sort of a "No
one can serve two masters..." issue. Apparently my Green doesn't run so

You know, it's funny though... Everyone in my house still refers to my
handheld computer (currently the T5) as "your Newton"... And I still
haven't been able to bring myself to unsubscribe from this list.

On Thu, 20 Apr 2006 19:30:57 +0200, "Jon Glass" <> said:
> Here's a dumb question, no tomatoes please!
> I've come to appreciate and enjoy my little Tungsten T. It makes a
> great mp3 player, game machine, and is useful for storing files on its
> gig SD card, and I have even come to appreciate its PIM
> functions--although not so well done as the Newtons, they do have a
> simple beauty to them that I can appreciate.
> However, I really miss the screen space for writing notes and
> documents, as well as the wonderful Notepad stationery, oh, and
> NewtonWorks, esp. the spreadsheet. I've been trying a Palm
> spreadsheet, but it is just tooooo painful on the tiny 320x320 screen.
> Oh, and the horrid Grafitti, and tiny screen, and.... and.... are a
> bit frustrating in many other ways... But in any case, I've been
> holding off getting my cracked screen repaired due to financial
> considerations, but that time is drawing near to send it off to Frank
> for some TLC. ;-)
> Hence my question.....
> Is there anybody on this list who uses both on a regular/daily basis?
> Do you get them to interact? Are you able to get, for instance, Mac OS
> X to sync both via the Address Book? What do you do with each? I know
> what I'm thinking for my Palm/Newton combo. I'm curious what you do
> and how you do it. Any software in particular you find helpful? Any
> tricks, etc?
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