Re: [NTLK] Newtons and Palms together

From: Michael C. Wittmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 18:35:16 EDT

Since I've written in about my experiences, I want to be public about
lusting after yours (I was on the list in the 90s, and never as
public as in the past week - weird):

> but I found myself using it more
> and more for just the calendar, address book, small notes and such...
> mostly quick things.

If this was the way I used my Newton (rather than the heavy, project-
based note-taking I've described so far), then I'd surely switch over
to a Palm T|X myself. WiFi, built in bluetooth, ability to do video
and audio... the Newton doesn't come CLOSE to being that easy to work
with. As a result, I have nearly bought a Palm to do all the other
things you describe, video and such.

The difference does seem to be how much one gets invested in the
gesture driven interface. I want to work directly with the text, not
with menus and graffiti. I like graffiti just fine, I'm fast at it,
but the text manipulation that happens afterward is the problem for
me. Tap-drag, multiple clipboards, text correction naturally,
outlining easily, etc.

Give me a T|X level of capability with a Newton level of gesture-
driven OS, and I have to admit, I'm gone from the Newton in a second.
I'm not with the Newton out of loyalty, I use it because it fits my
needs best. And you've found something that fits your needs best. I
think that's great, and I appreciate you sharing the story as a


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