Re: [NTLK] Halfway towards a 'Getting Things Done' solution?

From: Michael C. Wittmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 21:42:52 EDT

To affirm what Tony just said:

> * On pollution: Just think of a "Name" as the name of anything not
> just people even though there are additional fields there to cater
> for "people" and companies.

I had the same problem with Names that you (Steven) have, but found
that Tony's solution worked for me.

> * You could put all the Projects into a Project folder

This is what I do. Of course, a MI link defaults to "all names" which
means you have a few extra taps to get to just the projects. I happen
to make my Projects "Companies" so that the icon sticks out amongst
all the "Persons" in my list.
> * You could also prefix a numeral at the beginning of the each
> project name.

I actually have my course numbers like that (500 SMT or 238 PHY).
Also, my most typical locations (various classrooms and conference
rooms) are listed that way, so that I can find them quickest. Project
names are usually chosen to be first for a given letter - tapping on
the letter in the alphabet tabs (there's got to a correct name for
the list of AB|CD|EF|etc.) gets me straight to the appropriate
project. Rather than "IMT" I use "I IMT" sometimes...

Thanks to everyone, by the way, who has a) listened to my rambling,
and b) suggested new ideas along the way. It's fascinating to learn
new things, evaluate my own use, and so on. For the curious, there
are sites like and Edward Tufte's web site and that discuss the guiding ideas of information
management really well...


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