[NTLK] Grande Newton Offerings

From: John <OceanCity_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 09:12:33 EDT

>.....Still not sure if I want to part with my babies, but thank you all for
> Newton collection:
> <http://tinyurl.com/hs2mt>

First off, thank you one and all for the overwhelming response to my
tentative Newton collection offerings here on the list. If I decide to
liquidate the mainstay of my collection I've pretty much decided to side-
step eBay this time and offer all my items ala carte here only on the
List, as I feel a very strong obligation to return the good will
afforded me over the years in a meaningfull way.

Okay, well, here's the thing.

If you don't know my story, I was an early adopter back in the day. I
purchased a brand spanking new beautiful 2100 literally the *day* they
hit the street in Manhattan. There was an actual bona fide Newton store
in Manhattan, ironically called if memory serves me "The Newton Store"
on the downtown side of the street in the 40's or 50's around the
CitiCorp(TM) building area. The store was thriving, sold nothing but
Newtons and accessories. It had a red awning out front. The store was
independently owned and operated as a Newton retail store. I *had* to
have one and paid I guess the going rate back then around a thousands
bucks. I was in heaven. Everybody was buying Newtons. I believe this
store also had a branch in California. Unfortunately both branch
locations closed along with the production lines when the beloved Newt
was Steved.

I had joined the New York Newton Users Group which met monthly in the
Apple Marketing Center located in the CitiCorp building in Manhattan on
Lex and 53rd, one of the "E" train subway stops right underneath the
building. I remember the users groups had about 50-100 members and we
met each month.

Long story short, after the Steving I jumped to the Palm platform (which
to this day still has it's annoying issues) and sold my Newton.
Struggled with various Palm devices for many years. Of course they never
could hold a candle to the NOS; we all know the story.

Then a couple of years ago the glowing green core in my being began to
start acting out and I could restrain myself no longer. Took the plunge
and began rebuilding my Newton stock. Even had to re-learn from scratch,
as I'd totally forgotten, the basics of even how to connect and sync,
etc. Have been and still am a happy camper, using my 2100 day-to-day
for the last several years. Over time I developed a very usable and
stable approach <http://tinyurl.com/hs2mt> to ensuring data integrity
while maintaining a robust recovery strategy.

I even began designing my own ergonomic solutions such as <http://
tinyurl.com/l3jg7> and <http://tinyurl.com/eqmw4> for various daily
needs. During this time I realized that I had become so dependent on my
Newton for all of my calendaring, todos, contacts, notes, faxing, and
general well-being, that I then realized I might loose, break, have
stolen, or that my Newton could ultimately succumb to and out-of-body-
experience and pass to the other side. So I went out of my way to build
up a sufficient inventory of 2x00's, parts, and accessories to survive a
direct-hit nuclear strike ;-) .....hence my somewhat overzealous
acquisitions. I even ventured into the eMate arena a little, more out of
interest and curiosity than for usability in my situation.

Cut to the chase, extreme close-up:

I think I went a little overboard and my wife says I have trouble with
"limits" ;-) I do. My motto has always been "...if one is good, ten
are better." So, of course she's right, as usual, don't know where I'd
be without her. She is truly a wonderful thing, to say the least. Being
the rebel extremist that I am I'll be the first to admit my wife has a
lot better judgement than I ;-)

What I'm now pondering is just how to go about reversing (selling) the
majority of my Newton acquisition, as barring the aforementioned nuclear
event, it would appear that one or two Newtons in all likelihood are
going to get me through the remaining days of our lives. I've rebuilt
and maxed out <http://tinyurl.com/b649g> & <http://www.1234zzzz.com/pub/
NewtAudioDngl.jpg> two 2100's (not pictured in the <http://tinyurl.com/
hs2mt> photo) which I' keeping, along with the minimum basic accessories.

My question to the list is this:

Since I'm going to forgo eBay to remove this open-market competition,
and rather sell only to members on this list, I realize that the
management, handling, shipping, accounting, billing, etc. will need to
be done by me manually, rather than much of this which is handled by
eBay. I need suggestions as to how best approach this massive offering
in terms of a streamlined and efficient way to address the logistics.

1) Is there perhaps some kind of a private non-eBay type selling/auction
application/site/scenario I should know about?

2) Should I offer items at fixed prices, or should use the auctioning method?

This project is going to consume a huge amount of my time from an
administrative perspective. I'm not looking to get rich, just be fair.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

Thank you all for the tremendous support over the years. I don't know
what I'd have done without it.

Obviously, it goes without saying, snip up your replies ;-)


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