[NTLK] False Information an MacEffects Posted By Mark Jozaitis

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Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 16:03:47 EDT

Was reading up on Mark Jozanitis' most recent website after he folded his other site www.MacsRUsComputers.com because of a horrendous amount of negative feedback on his eBay user id. I posted information about this when a user complained about not being able to get in contact with this 'salesman' after buying and paying for a product here:

As my post above states they changed their eBay name to TechnologyRecycling (Negative feedback is still there for all to view - also note that because this user has a feedback of less than 98% be wary that paypal might not protect you in the even that he forgets to ship items again.

I was just on the new MacEffects site (another name they hold on eBay) and a posting in their 'forums' by none other than Mark himself made me chuckle, its titled "BUYER Warnings":

Hello Everyone,
We would like to take the time to inform everyone of the positive and negative things of the Newton Dealers.

Knowledge Navigator (NewtonSales.com) Has Bad Reputation for not shipping items, refusing to refund, over charging on shipping, and many other things... Stay away from at all costs.

G.E.M. Enterprises Great Company, Great People, Good products, Fast Shipping, but Expensive S&H Costs.

MacEffects (Based on 3rd Party Quotes) Great products, Reasonable fees, average shipping, slow support response time, but friendly and personalized.

 J & K Sales Fair Priced items, Great Products, Great Support, Good Reputation, all around great.

 These are the core Newton Dealers - we want to inform all potential buyers from these estaminets of both good and bad to protect the Newton Online Buyers Market - Safe and fair for everyone!

I believe that Mr. Jozanitis mixed up my name with his in the list based on the comments. If he is reading this post please correct these amusing comments you've posted.

Thanks Mark!


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