Re: [NTLK] False Information an MacEffects Posted By Mark Jozaitis

From: RAParker <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 2006 - 15:56:29 EDT

On Apr 21, 2006, at 1:03 PM, Knowledge Navigator wrote:
> Knowledge Navigator ( Has Bad Reputation for not
> shipping items, refusing to refund, over charging on shipping, and
> many other things... Stay away from at all costs.
> I believe that Mr. Jozanitis mixed up my name with his in the list
> based on the comments. If he is reading this post please correct
> these amusing comments you've posted.
> Thanks Mark!
> Sincerely
> KN.

To Knowledge Navigator:

I will vouch for one thing, I have seen a DRAMATIC improvement in your
feedback history. Almost, as if, the front end of your business is now
being managed entirely by a different person. This is a good thing for

But, what keeps me from buying from you?

--> It still appears as if you're in it for yourself and you could care
less about your customers or "Newton Friends"

1) Your prices are too high. $89 + (I don't know how much for shipping)
for an eMate memory card...come on, give us a break. If you are going
to run a store and charge those kind of prices, then run a store,
charge fair shipping, and stay off eBay. eBay is about bidding at fair
market value and shipping at a honest and fair price.

2) Too much crap in your eBay ads. Describe it, sell it, ship it. Don't
make yourself out to be more than you are because the truth will always
outshine the bullshit.

I understand that running a business is not about giving stuff away at
a loss. But, if you want to sell your stuff (to me) and gain more
respect among your peers, there is a couple things you still need to
work on.


Ron A. Parker

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