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Date: Fri Apr 21 2006 - 21:19:02 EDT

First, I prefer my Toshiba e355 Pocket PC: AvantGo, listening to .MP3
files of Car Talk, Jimi Hendrix, etc.
This also allows me to always have job stuff for last-minute interview
meetings: MS Word versions of my CV, writing samples, etc.

My girl is currently hooked on using a Zodiac 2 Palm-type device,
mostly to play D & D games, etc. I tried it, but years of using the
Pocket PC platfom, I find the Palm platform to be a bit clunky and
"non-intuitive". Plus, I was raised on arcade games and Nintendo, and
these newer games have too many buttons for my brain to comprehend!

When I do pick up the Newton, I prefer the following apps and functions:

Notes - Always useful, especially the long-playing sound recording

FAX - I used this a lot to advertise annual nonprofit events for my
state mountain biking association.
Hmm... Anybody have Steve Jobs' fax number? :O)

Wake Up Call - Like a cross between sound recording and an alarm (by
pre-recording a waterfall/babbling brook and setting the alarm to go
off five minutes after you go to bed, you can use it as a makeshift
"sound generator")

eBooks - Lots of them! Sometimes, I'll convert interesting business
articles into small eBooks, so I can have them handy for reference.
I think I also have my resume, pre-formatted cover letter templates,
and a few other things handy for reference or FAXing purposes

Guitar Tuner - I think it is a tad bit flat, but it's better than

AvailWorks - The learning curve is a bit steep, but this is really the
only true desktop publishing utility for the Newton platform

Vea - Takes a long time to drag and draw precise images, but it's still
pretty cool

Miscellaneous South Park Cartman quotes

Sub Hunt, Hopper, Solitaire, RepTile, Snake, etc. (Games)

And the coolest: Dashboard script shortcuts to quickly format text!

Matt K.
Detroit,Michigan USA


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