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I hope to use my recently purchased MP2000 as my diary replacement after so
many years of fiddling with Palms and PocketPC's and the classic pen/paper

The Newton is sort of the best of the classic pen/paper but with the instant
electronic date/note filing of the Palms/PocketPC's. And the battery life
(once I get a battery pack/tray eventually!) seems better as well as the
perfect screen size. I've had my fill of colour battery draining devices
and tiny screens.

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> James Fraser wrote:
>> Hello Everyone,
>> Ian R. Campbell <> wrote:
>>> My messagepad 130 served as an incredibly versatile note taking device
>> Is anyone else out there using a 130 as a day-to-day Newton? I guess I'm
>> looking for additional "positive reinforcement."
>> What I mean is: I favor the 130 for the more robust build quality (my
>> perception) and the fact that backup/replacement units can be had at
>> relatively low cost compared to the 2x00 Newtons.
> Well I am sure you will love a 2000. And get a 2100, there is just so
> much of a advantage to having more heap and not freezing packages all
> the time.
> I use my 120 and 130 for different things. I often grab one to make
> notes where I don't want to take my 2100 due to size or other
> constrains, then beam them to my 2100 later. I prefer my 120 as a book
> reader (easier to hold for long periods of time and the screen is better
> as long as you have good light), but I often end up using my 2100 as I
> end up only reading a little bit here and there. But if I do any
> serious reading I use my 120 and I since I create all my books in
> classic format I can easily go the page I was at on my 2100 and not have
> to do any searching to find my place.
> They are also handy in case I have any sort of hardware fault with my
> 2100 they can serve as backups. The only apps I use that I don't have
> on available on my 120 or 130 is Newtworks. But I export them on a
> normal basis (with my normal backups). Yes I know another 2100 would be
> a better backup solution, and one of these days I will get one, once I
> find it in good condition for a reasonable price. I usually see them
> pretty beat up in the price range I want...and since I still have a 2100
> that is fine, it keeps getting put on the back burner.
> So in short my 120 and 130 still see use but my 2100 is my "main" Newt.
> -DB
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