[NTLK] Windows serial problem

From: David Kennedy <pken3556_at_bigpond.net.au>
Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 23:35:54 EDT

Dear listers

My emate300 connects to NCU on my SE/30 via Appletalk very nicely. I'm now
attempting to connect it to NCU on a 266Mhz Toshiba laptop via serial. The
Toshiba has only one serial port, and I've plugged in a regulation DIN8 to
DB9 cable. I'm using the 38400 default speed.

But NCU won't connect via Serial, and it doesn't seem to matter if I use
Slowdown or not. Shifting down to 9600 makes no difference either.

The sequence is this:

1. Run slowdown and NCU
2. Press Dock button on emate
3. Dock dialog comes up - press "connect"
4. Dock dialog disappears
5. Barberpole dialog appears, says "waiting for a response", but disappears
again within half-a-second or so.
6. Dock dialog reappears, followed by an error message box saying "A
connection error has occurred (-26005)".

Apparently, this error code means "There is no registered service matching
the type specified in the options array". This dodn't help me much :-)

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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