Re: [NTLK] Need Mail V Help - messages don't delete, are duplicated and don't update

From: Simon Bell <>
Date: Tue Apr 25 2006 - 07:33:23 EDT

On 24 Apr, 2006, at 2:40 pm, Joseph Solin wrote:

> ...
> I retrieve mail from my .Mac IMAP account with Mail V.
> ...
> I am experiencing the following problems:
> 1) After send/receive my Internet connect is closed.

The Mail V preference "Disconnect after send/receive" means "After
sending, don't connect to the IMAP server to receive mail, or after
receiving, don't connect to the SMTP server to send mail". In other
words, don't try both to send and receive mail when I tap the
OutBox's Send or InBox's Receive button; kind of what it says in the
Mail V User Guide, page 14. If you want your internet connection to
remain active after mailing, you should use Internet Setup to adjust
the "When closing, disconnect.." setting.

> 2) When I delete messages. They are not deleted from my mail account.
> These messages are deleted off-line because my Internet connection is
> closed.

Yes, that's what Mail V does. If you want to delete messages from
your mail server you should set the Mail V preference "When
connecting - Browse mail" so that you remain connected to your mail
server. (Mail V User Guide, page 12.)

Reading between the lines of your question, I think you might want to
be in browse mode most of the time. Download is for those users who
need a snapshot of their inbox when on the move; or who like to
schedule a receive session before they get up in the morning, so they
can read their mail on the way to work.

> 3) If I delete a message from my mail account (say through my mail
> client on my iMac) the message list on my Newton isn't updated to
> reflect this change during the next send/receive.

That's just the way it is with Mail V. It doesn't keep your Newton
InBox synchronized with the IMAP INBOX, it just downloads what's
there. Sorry.

> 4) When I change Simple mail preference to "Browse" instead of
> "Download", my Internet connect REMAINS ACTIVE after a send/receive
> and deleted messages ARE REMOVED from the mail server. However, when
> I retrieve a message to read, it often re-downloads (creating a
> duplicate) on the next send/receive. Messages removed from the mail
> server via my mail client on my iMac are not updated on the Newton
> during the next send/receive.

What you describe is what I would expect, except the re-download
part. That shouldn't happen. Working out WHY it happens is kind of
messy and involves you generating a debug log of the mail sessions
that exhibit this behaviour and sending it to me to analyze. I don't
have the time to get into that right now.

Again - sorry.


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