Re: [NTLK] Newton Press Books on an Original MessagePad

From: Dan <>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 09:48:55 EDT

Kirk Zathey wrote:
> I have tried to build a Newton Press book on Newton Press, it builds
> and installs fine on my MessagePad 2100 but has an error (-10405) on
> my Original MessagePad. I originally built it for the "Classic"
> platform but I also tried rebuilding it for the "Universal" platform
> but I ended up with the same error when I tried to install. I tried
> installing both on my eMac with Mac OS X and a Keyspan serial dongle
> and NewTen and on my PowerBook 1400 with System 7 and NCK but had the
> same error and end result on both. I have installed Paperback books
> on the Original MessagePad with no problems before. Can I use Newton
> Press for books on the Original MessagePad? What platform should I be
> selecting? Thanks.
> Kirk Zathey

The problem is that Press was designed with NOS 2.x in mind and I don't
believe that it will allow you to create a book that will work on a OMP.
 Bookmaker should be able to create such a book and when you compile it
in Newton Tool Kit you need to compile it without any 2.0 features. I
forget the exact names in the settings but just look for anything that
says 2.0 and uncheck those. For example one was fast compression, which
the OMP can't do.

Actually I suspect the problem you are running into is the fast
compression. Which works great on the later message pads, but chokes on
the early ones. The only suggestion I have is to get Bookmaker and use
that. It is not as user friendly but is very powerful otherwise. The
only downside is it only allows for creation of Classic screen size
currently (which in your case is what you want). While there is a way
around that, it is not perfect and I have not figured out a way around
the problem yet (a project I need to get back to).

I would suggest getting Bookmaker, Newton Tool Kit, and the tutorial I
wrote (all on UNNA) and do it that way. That is if you want to create a
book that uses the Newtons built in bookreader (aka Copperfield).


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