[NTLK] Newton Press Books on an Original MessagePad

From: Kirk Zathey <zathey_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 07:58:47 EDT

I have tried to build a Newton Press book on Newton Press, it builds
and installs fine on my MessagePad 2100 but has an error (-10405) on
my Original MessagePad. I originally built it for the "Classic"
platform but I also tried rebuilding it for the "Universal" platform
but I ended up with the same error when I tried to install. I tried
installing both on my eMac with Mac OS X and a Keyspan serial dongle
and NewTen and on my PowerBook 1400 with System 7 and NCK but had the
same error and end result on both. I have installed Paperback books
on the Original MessagePad with no problems before. Can I use Newton
Press for books on the Original MessagePad? What platform should I be
selecting? Thanks.

Kirk Zathey

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