[NTLK] Hi everyone! And what's the best way to load up my eMate?

From: Ian Meyer <ianmeyer_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Apr 28 2006 - 18:40:46 EDT

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Hellllloooooo newtontalk!

Its been a while, I lurked here a while back, when I was looking into
getting a 2100. Well, finances nixed that for a while, but after a
friend got an eMate, then a few more, and we started talking, the bug
bit again. I now have a pair of eMates, and some orinoco cards, and
want to get these little buggers living up to their potential. The
first step in that, of course, is to install some software. What's
the best way? I can get my hands on an old PC laptop from a friend
that has a serial port, otherwise all my Macs at home are of the post-
serial era, with just USB. (I've been looking for a Griffin serial
port add-on for my Bondi as well). So my question is, should I go
with the PC, should I keep looking for this Griffin bugger (the name
escapes me at the moment), or what? What's the best way to get these
little guys loaded up?

I've also managed to turn the 2 rechargeable battery packs into
carriers for standard AAs, that I'll replace with NiMH's so they'll
recharge once I get a little more into it, for now I can just swap
out the regular AAs when the time comes. Is there anything I'd need
to look out for in my selection of NiMH cells for it? Or would
standard energizer NiMH rechargeable work?

Anywho, thanks in advance, and don't hesitate to reply with a one-
liner telling me where I can look to get the answer, I've been
digging a little, but probably not as much as I should have before
firing off this email.

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