Re: [NTLK] 'this unit requires immediate repair...

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Sat Apr 29 2006 - 10:35:03 EDT

> the factory calibration has been lost. it will not charge batteries
> until this problem is corrected
> i think a bit is set wrong somewhere and it could easily be corrected
> if i just new where to look..

I doubt that you'd be able to mess with factory calibration. To the best
of my knowledge this is stored in an area that isn't accessible by

If you want, you can send it my way and I can have a look at it.
Shipping from
Holland to Germany wouldn't probably cost you an arm and a leg. If I
can't fix
it, all it'll cost you is what it costs me to ship it back. I could
also help you out with a replacement board if I can't fix yours.



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