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From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 01:19:59 EDT

Hola! Que `tal? (Bad spelling - I just shot almost my complete wad of
Spanish, other than "no hablo Espaņol"...)
Yes - you will need to load drivers. The easiest way at first is via
a small program that runs on Classic and uses IrDA, but your iBook
probably doesn't have an IrDA port.
Another way is to borrow a card with the drivers pre-loaded - I think
there is still a source in the EU. (Actually there are several really
fantastic community members there.)
Read up all you can at the 3 sites mentioned at the bottom of every
list email - that is you best source of knowledge.

On 29. Apr, 2006, at 19:49, F. Sanchez wrote:

> I´m looking for a new battery (Mine is dead) and also a card or a
> cable that let me sincronize the data with my ibook (G4), i´ve seen a
> bluetooth adapter but it needs the driver to be loaded on the newton,
> but how can i do it? if i buy a wifi card, will i have the same
> problem?

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