[NTLK] Spanish Newbie

From: F. Sanchez <churrian_at_yahoo.es>
Date: Sat Apr 29 2006 - 19:49:30 EDT

Hi everybody, i´m new on the list.

I´m from Málaga, Spain and i've got a messagepad 2100 with the
charger and nothing else.

I´m looking for a new battery (Mine is dead) and also a card or a
cable that let me sincronize the data with my ibook (G4), i´ve seen a
bluetooth adapter but it needs the driver to be loaded on the newton,
but how can i do it? if i buy a wifi card, will i have the same
problem? (my newton has no din conector, just the plain one)

I want the newton just to sincronize with ical, notes and "agenda"
in the Mac. Which accessories and programs do you recommend me?

if you want to see some photos of my newton:

(it's in spanish)

Thanks in advance
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