Re: [NTLK] Spanish Newbie

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Sun Apr 30 2006 - 11:37:45 EDT

> Im looking for a new battery (Mine is dead)

It's not that difficult to rebuild it, have a look here:

I can do this for you if you don't feel up to it. Would set you back
EUR 35.00 if you send me your old pack or a bit more if you don't.

> ive seen a bluetooth adapter but it needs the driver to be loaded
> on the newton, but how can i do it?

There's the card loaner program out there. I could install the drivers
on a card and send it your way, you install the drivers and send it back
(or keep it, if you have use for a 20MB card at EUR 18.00 or EUR 12.00
if you donate EUR 5.00 to the WNA or NewtonTalk).

> (my newton has no din conector, just the plain one)

For putting in a DIN connector there's the SER-001. I have a couple
of those left.



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