[NTLK] OT mac tablet ramblings, nothing important WAS: Re: More Newt-Bashing

From: William Pociengel <hseldon_at_my.wgu.edu>
Date: Sun Dec 03 2006 - 14:57:35 EST

L.W. Brown wrote:
> the magic Ink icon appear in System Preferences. However, as I soon
> discovered, there may be a good reason why Ink and its handwriting
> recognition capability is usually hidden. Hint: think Ink, think Newton.
add a touch screen, give it the ability to rotate and you have a mac
tablet. I'd but it in the 12" form factor. it's why I still love my
powerbook (I also have a dell m700 with a 13" shiny screen) over the
macbook. Now if I could get the macbook pro features in a 12" package
without the shiny screen then add in the tablet features and I'd sell
opps she's looking over my shoulder ;-)

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