[NTLK] update Re: moving palm info to newton

From: Stewart Douglas <douglab_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sun Dec 03 2006 - 21:39:15 EST

Ok, I put it all together with a little effort and figured out this
whole tab delimited
file, not so hard....however the fields never would cooperate
accurately enough since my palm
data was not conforming uniformly.
So I just entered in manually 78 records into the Newton so I can
shut up about it.


uh oh, syncing in NCK 2 is not quite as intuitive as palm
desktop....it's basically : Newton overwrites computer.
so restore seems to be the only way to go the other direction...thank
goodness it backed up.

now i just want a way to lock individual files with a password (and
no I can't use geeksafe...2.0 and up of course)

anybody know software for newton 1.x to encrypt and/or password
protect individual notes?

BTW: I am still having fun, really.


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