Re: [NTLK] Newton as eReader

From: Dan <>
Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 13:30:10 EST

On 12/5/2006 12:41 AM, Steve Trotter wrote:
> I have a 120 and a 2100. The 120 is SLOW with large docs, requiring
> sometimes upwards of 20 seconds to load the next couple pages of the
> document, if the doc is large.
> The 2100 zips right along. Use SAS's application which uses the power
> switch to turn pages: works quite well.
> Get the 2100 and the various doc-making applications at UNNA and you're
> all set.
> Steve

Hmm what format are you talking about? I know that notepad can get
slower if there are a lot of pages. But I have never had the slowdowns
you speak of on a 120 with a document in NewtonBook format. It is my
preferred ereader actually.


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