Re: [NTLK] Recharging disposable AA batteries?

From: Dan <>
Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 18:31:32 EST

On 12/6/2006 5:46 PM, Tovi wrote:
> Ok, the contained information is to be used AT YOUR OWN RISK. I have
> not tried this and having little knowledge of circuitry or batteries
> have no plans on doing so (unless someone here dares try it and
> proves it works).
> I thought it be interesting to the group as a lot of us use AA
> batteries in our Newtons.
> The website explains how to recharge disposable AA batteries (one day
> of charging) using less than $1 parts from RadioShack.
> Anyone here who has a lot more knowledge than I do have any comments?
> Tovi

Well I have used one of the "alkaline battery chargers" before and while
it did work, it is really not worth it. For example you should
"recharge" (or refresh as they call it) the battery shortly after you
use it and never let them get below say 75% of a full charge. If they
get too low then you can't recharge them well. So you end up doing this
a lot (which is annoying) and I have had a battery or two leak after
charging (though I have had new batteries leak shortly after I baought
them, so hard to judge that but I believe I had more instance of leakage
when I was charging them).

So what a recamend is getting a set of 4 nickel metal hydroxides, a nice
charger and a battery cage for your newt. You will save yourself a lot
of hassle, and quite possibly your newts life (if the batteries leak
that is). Or have the batteries in your newt's battery pack replaced.
Though I prefer using a cage as I can swap them quickly and I don't need
to chain my Newt to the wall for a hour while it recharges (yes I know
it is a short amount of time for charging of batteries, but still not as
short if I just swap in a fresh set of batteries ;).


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