Re: [NTLK] [OT] Mac SE cracking

From: Martin Joseph <>
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 00:13:42 EST

On Dec 7, 2006, at 8:44 PM, Dan Fackler wrote:

> It's not as small as the T8-- I actually think it's a T15- any way
> it's the same size Torx used for GM headlight swaps.
> I used a putty knife as a 'case cracker'.

Huh, that appears to be true (the T-15 thing). My memory has faded
apparently (I still have a long handled one purchased in a mac opener
kit many years ago with case splitter that I chucked once I got the
trick of opening these without it).

Here is a link to a bunch of info. I personally recommend against
the Allen wrench idea.


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