Re: [NTLK] Recharging disposable AA batteries?

From: Dan <>
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 08:47:25 EST

Well one thing to check, in your In/out box click on the i then beaming
preferences and turn off "receive automatically". That tends to use a
lot of juice since the Newt is always checking the IR port. The other
thing to check is that your sleep time is set to say 5 minutes and not a
long period of time. A Newt wakes up at 3am to move dates over to the
next day and do some regular housekeeping. If the sleep time is long it
may be staying awake using power every night.

If those two are not the issue then you might want to try freezing all
your extra packages and see if that makes a difference. There are some
packages that might be keeping the Newt from sleeping properly. And
finally do you have a Wifi card installed? If you do you may want to
remove that when you are not using your Newton. Most cards should shut
off when not in use, but a few may stay on when used or not as long as
they are plugged into the Newt. Regardless the card will power up for a
short time when your Newt does turn on every night and that will use
extra power. Also some cards are more energy hungry than others.


On 12/8/2006 12:27 AM, James Wages wrote:
> I too use 2400mAh NiMh rechargeables, but I only get two weeks of useful
> power from them (and I only use my Newton for about 20 minutes or so on
> Sundays). After 2 weeks, the power level is down to about 25%. At that
> point I recharge the batteries, because I've had the machine die on me when
> juice was less than 17%. I've never gotten better than 2 weeks of life from
> these batteries, even when they were new. Do some 2100's use less juice
> than others, or do you gentlemen have better NiMh batteries than I do?
> Best,
> James Wages
> -----------
> On 12/8/06 11:25 AM, Tony Morrow <> wrote:
>>> Not bad, I've been using 2400mAh NiMH AA's and getting round a month
>>> as I usually use it for less intensive activities which don't drain my
>>> cells so much... such as WiFi and not too much gaming as I did in the
>>> past to keep myself preoccupied...
>> I think the first charge I tested lated 3 weeks and the batteries
>> still had about 20% power left.

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