Re: [NTLK] Need System Software for Mac SE FDHD

From: Keith Johnson <>
Date: Sat Dec 09 2006 - 13:19:01 EST

On Dec 9, 2006, at 9:20 AM, Ron Dube wrote:

> I recently found a Macintosh SE FDHD along side of the road. It seems
> in pretty good shape! It turns on but I get the dreaded "?" looking
> for its hard drive. I believe that you have to put a System disk in
> to help find itself... If I have this info wrong, how do I fix it?
> Also I need to know which version of the System Software that I need,
> and where can I purchase it from?
> If anyone that can help me, I would appreciate it!

The question mark may indicate a bad hard drive. Not terrible
difficult to replace, and there's lots of small hard drives around.

If all you need is to replace the OS, OS 6.0.8 or 7.5.3 (and you can
upgrade to 7.5.5) are available at for free here:

OS 6 is a 4 floppy disk image, 7.5.3 is 19 floppies plus 4 to upgrade
to 7.5.5. Tedious. Plus you need a Mac with a floppy to copy the
images to before you go to the SE FDHD.

You can also look around for existing floppies. They're usually on eBay.

Join the compact macs e-list at for more help.

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