[NTLK] Long-term viability backups etc with Newton 2100

From: Michael Beale <mjbeale50_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 04:44:51 EST

Dear Colleagues,

I have three Newton 2100's, one of which I use daily. I also have multiple
32Meg Flash cards for the Newton 2100. Because of sync problems with
address book I was wondering if I can back up everything onto a 32Meg Flash
Card and then share the relevant data such as appointments and contacts with
the other two Newtons. Purchased the other Newtons so that when the first
one got flakey I could migrate to the next and hopefully buy sufficient time
before I retire. Is there a step by step process I could follow to ensure
all my contacts are on the 32Meg card and all my appointments, and then copy
the relevant data across? Is there a way I should use backups on the 32Meg
to transfer the data to the other Newtons?

Originally was ambitious about what I could do with Newton 2100 but came to
grief on wifi so have cut my losses and just using it for contacts and
appointments and sync the appointments with my ical on Mac. Just want a
simple way to be able to back up from Newton to Newton.

Mike Beale

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