Re: [NTLK] Long-term viability backups etc with Newton 2100

From: Dan <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 10:51:33 EST

Well there are several methods you could use. If you click "card" in
the extras it will give you the option of backup. And if you back up
your contacts (you can select what you want to back up) everything that
you select will be backed up to that card. It will only be the address
book contacts that are in the internal memory, if there are others on
the card or even on another card currently installed, they won't be in
the backup file. A standard backup file only holds one backup, if you
make another the old is erased. If you like this method but want more
options, the SBM utilities will do this and more and will even allow
backing up from one card to another as the standard card backup only
allows for internal backup. But from what you said, the standard backup
will probably be enough.

Another method is to just move all your contacts to the card in
question. First though I would do a backup of your Newt (all contacts
or a full backup via serial connection and desktop). Then go into
extras and at the top, click the folder tab diamond. Make sure "all
stores" is selected in that menu. Then tap storage. Then tap names.
Then tap the file icon in the new window and select where you want to
put all your name contacts and let it transfer everything. If you only
select say the internal stores in the diamonded folder at the top of the
extras, then only the data from the internal storage will be moved to
the card. If you only have contacts on the internal, this point is
moot. But some people put data on different cards, or are merging data
from different newtons. If that is the case you may want to select one
store at a time (internal, card 1 or card 2) to move as it will take
less time. Make sure you are plugged in or your batteries have a good
charge. You don't want to loose power in the middle of this process!

If there are errors in your Names information preventing you from moving
the data over I would suggest trying SBM utilities doctor function to
try and clean them up. But as I said I would make a full backup of your
Newt with a desktop if at all possible so if something goes wrong you
can restore and go on. It shouldn't but it never hurts to have a backup.


On 12/10/2006 4:44 AM, Michael Beale wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> I have three Newton 2100's, one of which I use daily. I also have multiple
> 32Meg Flash cards for the Newton 2100. Because of sync problems with
> address book I was wondering if I can back up everything onto a 32Meg Flash
> Card and then share the relevant data such as appointments and contacts with
> the other two Newtons. Purchased the other Newtons so that when the first
> one got flakey I could migrate to the next and hopefully buy sufficient time
> before I retire. Is there a step by step process I could follow to ensure
> all my contacts are on the 32Meg card and all my appointments, and then copy
> the relevant data across? Is there a way I should use backups on the 32Meg
> to transfer the data to the other Newtons?
> Originally was ambitious about what I could do with Newton 2100 but came to
> grief on wifi so have cut my losses and just using it for contacts and
> appointments and sync the appointments with my ical on Mac. Just want a
> simple way to be able to back up from Newton to Newton.
> Mike Beale

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