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From: Ian Johnson <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 12:20:19 EST

On Dec 10, 2006, at 5:05 AM, Ivan Kowalenko wrote:

> Hello. As posted earlier, I'm considering purchasing a Newton. J&K
> has 2100's prices competitively to Palm Zire Z22s, but with features
> surpassing them (plus a much larger screen). eBay is an option I'd
> prefer to avoid, so where are some stores that could sell some Newton
> 2000 series units? I'm aware of J&K, and Wagner (sp?) Enterprises
> only seems to sell eMates (not what I want). I'm just interested in
> doing some comparison shopping, and looking into things like
> expansion cards, etc.

I bought an MP2000 from J&K (couldn't afford the extra $55, which is
as much as a 2100 upgrade costs anyway), and I'm happy with the
experience. It arrived in perfect condition, with no cosmetic or
functional defects. The only thing with J & K is that they don't
provide a whole lot of accessories with the Newtons they sell; you
get the Newton, stylus, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, and that's
it. If you go on eBay (hit or miss, obviously) you might be able to
get a package with a case, expansion cards, etc. but J & K has decent
prices and you can be sure you're getting something in good condition.

Gem Enterprises and Newton Sales sell a lot of accessories. If you
want a WiFi card, Sonny gave me a good piece of advice - buy one of
the original graphite AirPort base stations, which have WaveLAN
Silver cards inside of them. I got one on eBay for $26 and free
shipping, which is $10 less than the Bronze card sold by Gem (which
doesn't support WEP like the Silver).

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