[NTLK] Help - MP100 won't run off batteries

From: Paul Carpenter <xmetal_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 14:05:22 EST

Hello all,
After a decade in storage, I pulled out my original Newton 100 and worked to
get it running again. I got the backup batteries for the unit and the card,
got the connection kit on my super old mac and have things generally working

My only issue is that at some point, the batteries leaked in the unit, and
there were a couple spots of blue corrosion from the batteries. I cleaned
out the interior and there is really no corrosion that I can see now. The
battery cage is clean, and I put fresh batteries in it and checked it with
my multimeter and it's putting out good voltage.

The Newt just won't run off the battery pack though. It's fine off AC power,
but if I unplug it immediately turns off and won't power back up. So my
question is, what can I look at? The two battery prongs in the Newt are
clean, don't look bent or anything. I'm not sure what I can look at hardware
wise. Any tips would be appreciated! I'd love to get this little guy running

Paul Carpenter
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