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Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 19:17:55 EST

On 12 dec 2006, at 00.52, Joel M. Sciamma wrote:

> We have to remember that the imaging division, which created some of
> the best peripherals of their time, also got the chop but that was
> probably just the numbers. It remains a shame that they stopped
> making those devices which had all the key Apple design virtues - I'm
> still using them.

truly interesting point, which also deserves explanation. in
hindsight, it might have been jobs most stupid move, regarding that
it was so difficult to get imac peripherals the first year after imac
was introduced. low margins and relative revenue is not as
interesting for a particular printer line, when you regard the whole

if there would have been more peripherals, i assume the imac would
have been an even larger success. just imagine digital cameras,
scaners and laser printers for the imac from day one. i remember this
was discussed a lot back in 1998, when a lot of people waited with
their new mac purchases because there were no legacy ports on the new

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