[NTLK] advice on network cards for Newton 2100

From: Kate Brooks <kbrooks_at_uvic.ca>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 13:41:47 EST

Hi, I'm new to the Newton and to this list (this is my first post,
though I've been reading for a while)
I'm in the market for a network card that will end the headaches of
hassling with my current serial connection, but I'm not sure which
cards work, and which ones are better than others.

I've looked at the FAQ and have been searching ebay for a listed
card, but they're hard to find and often surprisingly expensive ...
any suggestions of other cards that work? Also, of the cards listed,
do any work better (ie: easier and more stable) than others?

www.chuma.org FAQ Network Card list:

* Farallon PN895 EtherWave
* 3Com 3c589, 3C589B (according to Harri Hohteri), 3c589C, 3c589D
(including -TP), 3CXE589DT, 3CXE589ET
* Proxim RangeLAN2 wireless Ethernet *note* this card is not
compatible with AirPort or any other 802.11-based technology
* AmbiCom AMB8010 PowerSaver
* TDK Combo cards: DFL5610, DFL3410, DFL3200, DFL9610
* TDK Ethernet cards: LAK-CD021, LAK-CD021AX, LAK-CD021BX
* D-Link DE-650, DE-660 (can be found at zones.com for US$43.99 plus
shipping) [Thanks to Kent Wong] DE-660+
* Fujitsu FMV-J182, FMV-J182A
* Contec C-NET(PC)C
* Longshine LCS-8534TB
* Correga EtherII PCC-T



Kate Brooks
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