Re: [NTLK] advice on network cards for Newton 2100

From: Adam Goddard <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 22:27:41 EST

On 22/12/2006, at 5:41 AM, Kate Brooks wrote:
> I've looked at the FAQ and have been searching ebay for a listed
> card, but they're hard to find and often surprisingly expensive ...
> any suggestions of other cards that work? Also, of the cards listed,
> do any work better (ie: easier and more stable) than others?

I hate cards with dongles, so I picked up a few 3com's, model numbers
3CXE589ET and 3CXE589EC. The EC has the extra port for a dongle if you
so wish, but both have the pop out x-jack port for a standard RJ-45
connection. The ET model is the ideal one to go for, and I picked them
up for about US$4-5 each on ebay. Do a search for "3com Xjack" or the
individual model numbers.

   - Adam Goddard

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