[NTLK] New user question about CF cards

From: John M. <john8520_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 00:36:02 EST

I'm very new to everything newton related, but I have always wanted
to own and use one. My father and sister have noticed me constantly
browsing eBay and many newton-related sites, and I'm highly
suspecting that there may be an MP2100 under the tree this year, from
the way they've been acting and talking.

Anyways, I have a 128mb CF card, and a PCMCIA to CF adapter that I
use with my PB3400c, and I was curious as to wether or not this could
be used with a newton? I'm not sure that I would need all 128mb, but
I don't have any other CF cards, and I guess that extra space can't
really hurt. I'm sorry if this is a total "noob" question, but hey, I
*am* a total newton "noob" ;-)



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