Re: [NTLK] New user question about CF cards

From: James Wages <>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 17:44:26 EST

After my post yesterday and the comments from Mr. Speake, I had little doubt
in my mind that a wave of zealous support for the ATA driver would flow
forth from this list. And such support is, on a certain level, appropriate
in light of Paul's other software efforts. But keep in mind that simply
because Paul's other Newton software efforts are good or even outstanding,
such does not directly translate into magically making ALL his software
flawless. It's rather like saying ALL the works of a famous painter are
"masterpieces" only because the painter became famous over time for his
later works. The numerous points presented by folks "happy" with ATA
Support only masks the problems of ATA Support and works to maintain "the
Status Quo." Such dialog does nothing to provoke CHANGE for ATA Support.
And change is needed, even if our Newton hardware never does change.

I must therefore agree with Mr. Speake in that (a) ATA Support is in need of
an update, and (b) ATA Support would have more interest (cash-paying buyers)
if it was updated at least once a year -- ONCE A Y-E-A-R! That is by no
means asking much in light of the fact an update was quite clearly promised
to me 3 years ago by the author of ATA Support. (And I do NOT want to hear
any, "Well, the man's been busy, you see..." excuses either.)

No manner of dialog about Paul's other software efforts or the "magic" of
ATA support or how thankful we all should be, will overshadow that initial
promise of an update. No excuses about the Newton being a dead platform
since 1998 will fly either. And to say that "ATA Supports up to 4MB ATA
cards for free, so be thankful" is quite nearly meaningless, as most people
interested in ATA Support want it to put a big (32MB or higher) card in
their Newton! Thanks has its place and no doubt human beings need to be
thankful overall. But in a business transaction like this, most of the
"thanks" comes in the form of a cash payment for merchandise sold.

We are talking about a piece of software that demands a substantial chunk of
money here -- yes, even for what some will call a dead platform.

And again, it's not my aim to attack the author of ATA Support nor some of
those who have cast their support his way (like Adriano, whom I have great
respect for in light of his Newton efforts). Rather, it is my aim in
posting to balance out all the "let's shut up and be thankful and not say
anything negative" retorts that often result from constructive criticism on
this list with the hope of getting some action on ATA Support.

It is my personal hope that ATA Support can be updated to improve
performance greatly over what it is now. Paul is a very skilled programmer
and he certainly has the ability to accomplish the task. Where there's a
will (even without much time on one's hands), there's always a way. May
Paul have renewed interest in his ATA Support drive after the conclusion of
this holiday season.


James Wages

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