Re: [NTLK] New user question about CF cards

From: Riccardo Mori <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 03:40:14 EST

James Wages wrote:

> I must therefore agree with Mr. Speake in that (a) ATA Support is
> in need of
> an update, and (b) ATA Support would have more interest (cash-
> paying buyers)
> if it was updated at least once a year -- ONCE A Y-E-A-R! That is
> by no
> means asking much in light of the fact an update was quite clearly
> promised
> to me 3 years ago by the author of ATA Support. (And I do NOT want
> to hear
> any, "Well, the man's been busy, you see..." excuses either.)

 From my point of view, this is something you should discuss with
Paul Guyot in private mail. There you can address the problem with
him specifically. You can remind him about his "promises", you can
complain about the price of his software, you can even ask him your
money back if you bought it and are disappointed with it.

> No manner of dialog about Paul's other software efforts or the
> "magic" of
> ATA support or how thankful we all should be, will overshadow that
> initial
> promise of an update.

Well, Microsoft promised an update of Windows XP, and maybe after 6
years we're seeing something. I'm joking here, or perhaps only half-

> And again, it's not my aim to attack the author of ATA Support nor
> some of
> those who have cast their support his way (like Adriano, whom I
> have great
> respect for in light of his Newton efforts). Rather, it is my aim in
> posting to balance out all the "let's shut up and be thankful and
> not say
> anything negative" retorts that often result from constructive
> criticism on
> this list with the hope of getting some action on ATA Support.

In my opinion, the only action on ATA Support is in the hands of Paul
himself, or can come from some other developer willing to collaborate
with him. At this moment, nobody knows what the state of the works on
ATA Support is, except Paul. When the list mentioned him in the past,
I noticed he's usually been quite responsive. Lately he appears not
to be, so perhaps it's worth writing to him directly and ask/suggest

Oh, and about the "let's shut up and be thankful and not say anything
negative" bit, I didn't read other people's responses regarding
Paul's ATA Support in that way. From what I could learn by this
thread, I read that some people are happy about ATA Support and don't
find its price that high given the efforts put on it, and that some
other people aren't happy about it at all.


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