[NTLK] New user question about CF cards

From: Russell,Allen <Allen.Russell_at_boc.com>
Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 16:19:57 EST

I have to express my disagreement with you. Even if Paul did promise an
update, when I buy software, I buy it for what it can do today. If they've
promised a feature in the future, I will wait until that feature is
available, and then buy the software.
>Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2006 07:44:26 +0900
>Subject: Re: [NTLK] New user question about CF cards
>From: James Wages <james@kiramek.com>
>After my post yesterday and the comments from Mr. Speake, I had little
doubt in my mind that
>a wave of zealous support for the ATA driver would flow forth from this
list. And such
>support is, on a certain level, appropriate in light of Paul's other
software efforts. But
>keep in mind that simply because Paul's other Newton software efforts are
good or even
>outstanding, such does not directly translate into magically making ALL his
>flawless. It's rather like saying ALL the works of a famous painter are
"masterpieces" only
>because the painter became famous over time for his later works. The
numerous points
>presented by folks "happy" with ATA Support only masks the problems of ATA
Support and works
>to maintain "the Status Quo." Such dialog does nothing to provoke CHANGE
for ATA Support.
>And change is needed, even if our Newton hardware never does change.
>I must therefore agree with Mr. Speake in that (a) ATA Support is in need
of an update, and
>(b) ATA Support would have more interest (cash-paying buyers) if it was
updated at least once
>a year -- ONCE A Y-E-A-R! That is by no means asking much in light of the
fact an update was
>quite clearly promised to me 3 years ago by the author of ATA Support.
(And I do NOT want to
>hear any, "Well, the man's been busy, you see..." excuses either.)


>James Wages

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