Re: [NTLK] eMate for my baby?

From: Sascha Segan <>
Date: Fri Dec 15 2006 - 21:46:18 EST

Daniel, that's wonderful! I'm heading out to (the demon) eBay to buy my
eMate today. Of course, if anyone on this list has one they're trying to get
rid of ... :)

At the most basic, the baby software simply displays a shape or very large
letter of the alphabet and plays a sound when the baby hits any key, or any
combination of keys. Ideally, the parent should be allowed to record or
download the sounds for each child. Children react best to the sounds of
their parents' voices. That would also allow for different languages, etc.

At slightly more sophisticated levels (i.e. toddler), we can connect
specific keypresses with specific images and sounds - i.e. press A to get a
giant A or picture of an apple and recording of the word "apple," etc.

My wife is studying education and will talk to one of her professors to get
more details and ideas. Let's take this into direct email and then come back
to the community with software! My email is "me", at Sascha Segan dot com.


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> What's "Daniel?"
    That's the only word left from a message when a stupid web mail
application doesn't work as it should. :-) Here's the rest of the

" I would like to get into this project. My wife is pregnant and I
also think that an emate is the perfect computer for a child.

  I'm ready to do the programming if you can tell me about this kind
of baby programs, what should they do, etc I would love to hear
ideas from the rest of the list too.

  It will be freeware and opensource.


>> Daniel
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>> Yup. What could I program it in without a month's worth of education?
>> I'm
>> good with scripting languages. I noticed the existence of NSBasic and
>> NewtCard, but $99 is double what I'd pay for the hardware -
>> prohibitive!
>> NTK seems ... intense ... for such a small project.
>> Thanks,
>> S.

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