Re: [NTLK] eMate for my baby?

From: Daniel Padilla <>
Date: Sat Dec 16 2006 - 07:17:56 EST

> I am starting to like this idea more and more. My daughter is 3, my
> son is 20mo., so this may actually be pretty interesting for both of
> them as well.
> On the software side, it would be great to find a language that would
> work on other platforms as well (I believe NSBasic does, not sure
> though). This would make the development more reasonable since there
> are more possible contributers.

    NTK is the easiest way to program for the newton, really. All the
other options are cool when you want to develop on the move, but each
of them add their own problems.
    I'd prefer to receive content and ideas, for your language/country
for example, so that I don't have to research and spend time looking
for sounds, letter shapes, baby-recognizable images, etc

> On the content side, don't expect a baby to even remotely comprehend
> a letter shape. Their brain is set up to recognize faces, so they
> find their parents. My three year old now starts to recognize two
> letters out of the alphabet - so many more to go ;-). I suggest that
> random patterns appear and disappear slowly, but as soon as the child
> touches the screen or keyboard, those patterns start relating in
> position to the touch or key.
    Heh, the human mind is amazing, take a look at this:

> If you guys are serious about this, I'd be happy to provide a simple
> Wiki page on my server, and if we agree on things, set up a
> sourceforge account and contribute some code (time permitting, of
> course).
    The wiki thing would be great, if you can set it up and write the
first ideas as they appear here, and then people can contribute to it.



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