Re: [NTLK] eMate for my baby?

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 10:01:50 EST

On Dec 16, 2006, at 1:49 PM, Sascha Segan wrote:

> Since all open source projects must have cute names, I'd like to
> suggest
> "Eftoy" or "Efty." An eft is a baby newt.

Allrighty, the "Efty" Wiki is up and running. No meaningful content
yet. The address is

http://efty.matt* (remove the asterisk)

The password, should the Wiki ask, is "efty" (go into the preferences
and enter the password there).

This is admittedly a quite simple Wiki with no safety features, but
it does enable image uploads and supports tables. You can activate an
eMail notification if you wish. Also, it runs without MySQL, so it is
relatively easy to host. There is a slight risk of a spam takeover,
so please do not publish the path of the wiki as a direct link
anywhere. Just add the asterisk, as above.

I'm very excited to see how far this idea will carry!


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